GateSentry – A multiplatform Webfiltering + Parental Controls suite

GateSentry is a complete Web Filtering suite built with Golang that could be used on any platform or Operating system. These include Windows/Linux/Mac/FreeBSD, it even supports the ARM architecture and works flawlessly on the Raspberry Pi. It contains its own proxy server which supports both HTTP and HTTPS filtering.

More features include:

  • GateSentry has its own built in web based interface which is powered by ReactJS.
  • The proxy server supports user authentication with state maintenance.
  • Has the ability to monitor data passing through it and generate data consumption statistics for each user.
  • Keyword Blocking allows you to specify certain keywords which if found on a webpage would result in the page being blocked.
  • Time Based internet access.
  • Over the Air Updates, all GateSentry clients are connected to a central server hosted on AppEngine, where they report their data consumption statistics and check for updates.

Download this project:

The main React.js powered frontend

The administration panel

The Block page

The self service center

Written by on April 18, 2017

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